Brief Overview – The DTA Training Program

The Congressive Trading System of The Day Trading Academy Program

What good is a system if you have to rely on a company in order to use it? Our goal is to be able to teach you knowledge in how to read the markets–not buggy proprietary software.  We use students that have been through the training program and are trading their own live accounts to help us teach the program–because you can’t be a real master of a discipline if you can not teach it to anyone else.  We never have anyone teach that isn’t really trading live, nor do we ever hire any employees. These are some of the reasons why DTA has had so much success.

The Congressive Trading System of The Day Trading Academy allows traders to be flexible in and on how they want to trade.  The flexibility allows for  adaptation to current market conditions.  Our traders are able to make money in any kind of market conditions, including strong markets, sideways choppy markets and even low volume markets. For those new to trading we are actually able to make more money when the market is going down and the world is in a crisis.


This is why it has never been a better time to learn how to day trade.


The Day Trading Academy training program is designed to adjust to any situation so that anyone can find the time to learn how to day trade.  This isn’t your typical cookie cutter system where everyone follows the same paths to success. We learn about your personality, what you feel comfortable with and make sure that you learn how to trade the best way that fits you. Our belief that there are a million different traders making money in the markets a million unique ways.  Let us show you what works and then make sure that you follow the path that works for you.

We compound that effective form of learning by giving you access to our Master Traders so you hear from others that have been through the same thing you have. By hearing different concepts from unique points of view one is able to learn much faster.  Our goal is to not lock traders into a box and make them trade a certain way. Our goal is to be able to have you learn how to understand the market. By building in discipline and psychology into the training program it ensures traders are learning the right behaviors.  Our focus is to make you a successful trader no matter what kind of strategy you are using.

The DTA training program lasts a minimum of 3 months to ensure that every trader has enough time to grasp the system. We also make sure to only offer limited availability into the program so we can give everyone some one-on-one time. We always want to make sure that every single person is a good fit for the program. Because all of us trade our own accounts, we want to ensure that we are going to be teaching people who are serious about achieving their financial freedom. No half measures or half interests allowed.

Once someone becomes a member of the program we provide absolutely everything that we have to offer. As we mentioned before, DTA is a family and more than just a day trading company.


The Curriculum and Trading System

Trying to learn how to day trade is hard enough so we aimed to make everything as simple as possible.  Instead of having a million different indicators and having our charts look like a rainbow we make everything as simple as possible.  We trade with a limited number of indicators and only trade off one chart. Many of our experienced traders now use charts that have absolutely zero indicators on them. We base our analysis off price action instead of indicators.

The curriculum is split into four sections; beginner, intermediate, advanced, and pro.  We take beginners from not knowing anything about day trading to being masters of the markets. We can also take experienced traders that are still looking for consistency and teach them concepts they may have otherwise not known about.  We go from simple concepts with technical analysis like support and resistance areas, trend lines, price action, to more advanced concepts like trading psychology, emotional intelligence, and high probability trades with at least a two to one risk vs reward.

The first part of the curriculum is 19 chapters long. The intermediate section is where one learns taking more advanced setups, learning how to maximize risk management, and even learning when not to take trades and adjusting as well as maximizing profit targets.


Live Trading Room and Review Classes

We hold classes two days a week to cover important topics and watch the market live together. We use this time to reinforce important concepts and also introduce new ideas and solidify them.  We talk about trade setups live as they happen and make sure to assist traders in identifying market structure, price action, as well as micro and macro momentum.  Our goal with these classes is to give traders the skills needed to trade on their own and possibly even help us teach new traders once consistency is reached.

Many of our students have become even better traders by teaching others and running these classes. We don’t require that traders teach classes but we have that option available in case a trader does want to continue to developing their skill. By giving you the ability to trade on your own and not rely on any software or indicators you will be able to day trade at any time you want from anywhere in the world.

After our live classes we have review classes where we cover any questions you may have. Our review class last anywhere between an hour to upwards of three hours. We keep an open forum to discuss any topics that our traders want covered. After all, it is about helping you become consistent not to continue to review the same information over and over again. We also possess an in-depth video training library, where we regularly record all of our live trading classes, reviews and market recaps which are then uploaded into our video library.  That is how thorough our video library is. Ask us about “James the Ice Man.”

We do this on purpose to ensure that you can still learn how to day trade even if you have a full time job or go to school full time. We did have one person become a master trader only by watching videos. He didn’t even attend one live class and he was still able to reach a level of profitability by watching just our class recordings and market recaps.  We also have years of market recaps and videos available for review to allow all of our students to learn to trade on their own time and at their own pace. We make sure to personalize the program enough to ensure that anyone can learn.


The Future Of The Day Trading Academy

We have a lot of exciting plans since we have now perfected the education process.  We are developing new day-trading centers around the world with our first being in Colombia and Brazil.  Two of our Colombian traders actually broke records when they were able to go live some 3-4 weeks into the training.  We also are making the centers available to everyone in our training program to create an even higher level of consistency in an effort to create a unique group of tight-nit, world-wide trader.

This is about having the lifestyle that we want to live…at least to us. We are not millionaires because we choose not to be. We would rather have enough money to not worry about money; As Lao-Tzu said, he who knows he has enough, has enough.  This allows us the time to spend with our families, travel, or do anything else that our new found freedom allows. Because time is the one true commodity that every has and is always losing, so spend it wisely. If you take away nothing else, take away that.

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